GST India Module

Version : 1.7 | Release Date : 1st August 2018


WHMCS GST INDIA MODULE allows you to Support and ease your Billing system to work along with New Indian Tax rules. This WHMCS Module comes with the Latest Features in Sync with any Billing System Template. To support Economical Tax rules of India, We are providing GST Compliance Module powered by WHMCS to Strengthen your Billing System To infuse various Taxes applied to the Customer’s invoices based on the Service Purchased.

Cutting-edge Highlights of WHMCS GST INDIA MODULE

  • Auto GSTIN Field is added during setup of the module for GST Compliance, which can easily filter out all the Customer’s registered Address and Applied GST to Integrate in Due Invoice within a Single-click.
  • Get Easy GST Module Setup Guide to deploy all the GST Rules to your Business Billing System.
  • Comes With Own GST Invoice Format, includes all the Required Fields to integrate GST effectively.
  • Our GST Compliance Support Team is available 24/7 to provide Complete assistance to integrate New Indian Tax rules in your Business.
  • All Performa Invoices are Created as per GST Compliance.
  • Date Option is been provided from where the GST Billing needs to be automatically applied.
  • Easy GST Reports Download Option is available to Generate Transaction Reports using Basic Filters like Date range, Tax Type and invoice Type. Download the GST Reports of your Online services in CSV format.

Admin and Client Features:

  • Admin Holds Complete control to Deploy the WHMCS GST India Module.
  • To see the GST compliance for all the customer invoices, Admin provisions control.
  • Both Admin and Client have access to view the Invoice updated with GST Details.
  • Admin can download GST Reports of paid services anytime, anywhere in CSV Format.

General Information:

  • Supports PHP 5.6 upto 7.4 & later
  • Supports WHMCS V5, V6, V7 and V8


In this tutorial we will show you how to successfully install and manage WHMCS GST India Modules. We will guide you step by step through the whole installation and configuration process.

  • 1. Log in to our client area and download the module. Download module image
  • 2. You will find the file, and viewinvoice.tpl upload in control panel
    upload file
  • * To find the module in your control panel follow the below path:
    Follow path
  • * To find the invoice format in your control panel follow the below path:
    Installation Steps
  • 3. Extract the downloaded file . Upload and extract the PHP file into the main WHMCS directory. The content of PHP version files should look like this.
    extract files
  • 4. In the downloaded file you will find one package that support PHP 5.6 upto 7.2 Versions. As presented on the screen below,
    downloaded package file
  • 5. Now you have to activate the module in your WHMCS system. Log in to your WHMCS admin area. Click 'Setup' , then choose 'Addon Modules'. Afterwards, find 'Module GST Module' and press 'Activate' button.

Configuration and Management

  • 1. In the next step you need to configure your module. To do so, press 'Configure' button. you will additionally have to provide:
    GSTIN :
    Country :
    State :
    Tax :
    GST Compliance Date :
    License key :


    • Tax, Select the type of GST compliance
    • GST Compliance Date, you need to provide the date from when you want GST to be applied. Kindly mention the dates after GST announcement.
    • License key will be mailed to the client’s registered ID once the Module Folder is Downloaded.

    Choose the desired admin roles groups to grant access to the module and 'Save Changes'.

    configure module
  • 2. The next step is setting up a cron job. You can find it following the path: WHMCS → 'Addons' → 'WHMCS GST Module' → 'Configuration'
    manage module
  • It provides you detailed report of all the invoices are generated with GST Compliance.
    GST Compliance
  • - As shown in below image, the GST values will be applicable to the invoice once you view it, otherwise the values will be zero.
    Before GST Compliance:
    Before GST Compliance
    After GST Compliance:
    After GST Compliance
  • 3. Once the GST Module is configured in WHMCS, The Client profile will be updated with GST Field as shown below. Hence the Client can provide his company GST Number at the time of registration.
    GST field updated
  • 4. To configure Tax rules, Go to Setup menu select Payments and click on Tax rules, where level 1 will display your default/old tax rule details. Level2 should be Active and will look something like below
    Tax rules setting
    • - You need to Fill the Form as mentioned below to set up the level2
    • * Tax Enabled should be
    • * Tax type should be Exclusive
  • 5. To download the GST Compliance report, go to module Basket - GST Module, on top right-hand side you will find the Export to Excel option to download the complete report.
    GST Compliance report
  • 6. Now your GST Module is completely configured. To see the Module results Check Invoice generated using New WHMCS GST Module as shown below, where the GST Field is added separately in invoice to showcase the clear GST Compliance details.
    GST Compliance details
  • 7. Its Important to note that while configuring the module GST Compliance Date is Important. All the invoices will show the results based on the date you can have mentioned. Example: Consider that you have setup GST compliance date as 12-8-2018, Now the invoices created after 12-08-2018 will be will show the GST Module Result in Invoice
    GST Compliance Date

    Hence the Invoices which are generated before 12-08-2018 we have Tax Rule Level2 as shown below

    GST Compliance Date


  • To check whether the GST India Module is activated or no, find the GST number Field in client’s profile OR Open the Invoice once and View as client.
  • Once you deactivate the Module, your billing system and All the Invoices will turn into Tax Rule Level2.
  • While configuring the GST India Module you should consider the GST Complain date after 01/07/2017 for better results.