Payment Options

Use Below Payment Gateways at Modulesbasket!

1. Paypal

Papal is most safest and fastest E-commerce Business allowing Payments and Money transfers online across the globe. Give a Full stop to Traditional paper Methods like cheque and money order, Opt to Electronic Ways to Transfer money easily and safely online.

Online vendors, Auction sites, and other commercial users use Paypal for processing payments with its gateway fee. Based on the Amount received, It may charge extra Fee for receiving money. The Payment gateway Fees will be decided based on Country of the Sender, Payment option used, Payment Currency used, Country of the recipient, amount transfer, recipient’s account type.

2. Bank Transfer

Its An Optimal and easiest Offline Payment method of Sending Money across the Globe. ICICI Bank Branches are Spread All Over the India, Now transfer money easily to any any back account in India anytime anywhere. Any currency, any amount and Any bank account, Money will be credited to any ICICI in India within 1-2 Working Days.


  1. User-friendly Offline Payment Method – Issue the recipient International Wire transfer Instructions to your Local Bank for quick payment transactions.
  2. Swift Payment Transactions – Any amount to the beneficiary account within 24 working hours of ICICI correspondent Bank will receive the Funds in its account.