WHMCS Leaseweb Cloud VPS Management

Version : 1.0.1 | Release Date : 21st November 2020

About Leaseweb Cloud VPS Management

A Single WHMCS Module to handle all the Activities of your Leaseweb Cloud VPS. Get all One-click Options to control and Manage VPS.

All-in-one Suite For Leaseweb Cloud VPS Resellers.

Leaseweb is the worlds famous Cloud VPS and Dedicated Server provider and we are happy to announce that we have created an module called Leaseweb Cloud VPS Management i.e if you are a reseller of Leaseweb then using this module will enable your customer's to manage their Cloud VPS from your WHMCS Client area panel and admin can check the usage and monitor the usage via the products / services panel directly. The module is developed based on Leaseweb API 2.0 for Cloud VPS Management for WHMCS.


  • Both Admin and Client has Complete Access on Server to Power On/Off, Reboot, View Assigned IP, Setup RDNS, Re-install VPS, Monitor Server Resources.
  • Admin Owes Some Special Controls like VPS Terminations, Suspend/Unsuspend, Server Import and so on.
  • Current Month Bandwidth view will let the admin decide who is in limit and who is overusing the Bandwidth.
  • Admin and Client Can view the Uplink and Its status.
  • Admin / Client Re-install the Server when necessary and requested by client.


In this tutorial we will show you how to successfully install and manage Leaseweb Cloud VPS Module for WHMCS. We will guide you step by step through the whole installation and configuration process.

First after you make the payment you will find the zip file to download the Leaseweb VPS Module.

Download the zip file, upload and unzip the content to whmcs root directory.

After unzipping you will find the wslvps folder in 2 locations

1. your-whmcs-root/modules/addons/wslvps

2. your-whmcs-root/modules/servers/wslvps

Later login to WHMCS admin area

Under Setup> System Settings> Addon Modules> MB Leaseweb Cloud VPS

Enter API Keys for the locations you have signed up with Leaseweb VPS Services and License key you have received from us and also check the access control and save the settings.

Now you can access MB Leaseweb VPS from the Addons Menu. From here you will be able to see the Cloud VPS you have with Leaseweb. Note the locations will appear in the menu bar if you have entered the api key in the respective text box during the configuration of the addon.

From this panel you can import the Cloud VPS directly into your servers section. To do this you have 2 options. First import individual VPS by clicking on the Import button which is at the end of each row or you can import multiple at once by selecting the checkbox at the left and clicking on the check and import button on the top.

After import of the Cloud VPS is done you can assign to your client from the product/service tab by selecting the Cloud VPS in the Product/Service Field.

Later add the Cloud VPS main IP into the Dedicated IP Section. Once you have done this save the changes. You will be able to see the details of the Cloud VPS below (Just Scroll Down).

From here you can

  • 1. Power On/Off the VPS
  • 2. Reboot VPS
  • 3. Re-install the VPS
  • 4. Null Route the VPS
  • 5. Billing and Basic Information of the VPS
  • 6. Bandwidth Meter to check the bandwidth consumed by the client from the allocated bandwidth
  • 7. Network Information and you can update the RDNS for the VPS
  • 8. Datatraffic Chart

Client Area

From the client area user can also access the VPS assigned from the directly from services drop-down. Later client can select the service from the list to manage the Cloud VPS.

From this page Client can

  • 1.Power On/Off the Cloud VPS
  • 2.Reboot
  • 3.Reinstall the VPS
  • 4.Billing and Basic Info of the VPS
  • 5.Network Information
  • 6.Bandwidth Meter
  • 7.Server Specification and Information
  • 8.Data Traffic Chart