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Avoid getting banned by Stripe for multiple fraudulent payments.

Stripe Verification Pro WHMCS module ensures safety by providing you with insights into the transactions done by your clients right from your WHMCS installation.


* – (Try for 1 week and then purchase | Username: admin & Password: admin)

  • WHMCS V5, V6 and V7
  • v 1.2

starts @ $ 25.99


We will upload, install, and configure our product for you within 48 hours, plus prioritise your tech support access.

  • Installation Assistance – (FREE).
  • Technical Support – (FREE).
  • Module Training – (FREE).
  • Customization – (PAID).


  • Full Root Access
  • Defined Bandwidth
  • Easy Re-Installation
  • Administrator Controls
  • Uplink Block Status
  • 24/7 Customer Support
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WHMCS Stripe Verification Pro Pricing

Annual License

Annual License

The Stripe WHMCS Verification Pro module comes with an annual license. Businesses with one domain can use this module. All the best plugins are updated and enabled to match the business requirements.


Starting at

$ 25.99

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Additional Services

Additional Services

We will upload, install, and configure our product for you within 48 hours, plus prioritise your tech support access.

  • Installation Assistance – (FREE).
  • Technical Support – (FREE).
  • Module Training – (FREE).
  • Customization – (PAID).

Starting at

$ 00.00

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We provide a 10-day money-back guarantee on all annual licenced WHMCS modules and source code versions. Contact the ModulesBasket support department to learn more.

Module purchase is restricted for websites using nulled WHMCS.

Nulled WHMCS users will be considered fraud. Sign up with a valid email ID from your top-level domain.

An order confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Once the email ID is verified, the order will be processed; otherwise, it will be deleted without notice.

Look at some sample Screenshots of the module!

Stripe Verification Pro

If you are getting constant warnings about fraudulent payments via Stripe and your transactions are getting blocked or canceled many times, Here at ModulesBasket, we understand the pain factor of providing services to such clients and then refunding the amount as it was a fraudulent transaction. So we have created the payment Gateway Stripe, which ensures that all the transactions can be viewed right from the WHMCS environment without even leaving the WHMCS environment.

  • – Supports WHMCS v7.0 – v8.2.
  • – Supports IonCube Loaders.
  • – Supports Module License Key.
Stripe Verification Pro

overview Overview:

The Stripe Verification Pro Module has been the leading and only verification module available in the WHMCS marketplace. Here, we ensure that you minimise the risk factor of losing your money and avoid providing services to fraud clients. In this module, we ensure that the details provided by your client while registering in WHMCS match the Details of the Payment in Stripe. Hence, to avoid the fraud payment towards the service, you may take immediate action against the payment received and refund the transaction before Stripe takes action against you by banning your account.

feature Remarkable Features of Stripe Verification Pro WHMCS Module:

  • Using this Module you can easily monitor your payments received for your services.
  • Easily track the location of the card holder and compare with his registered information in your WHMCS Portal.
  • Check the Age of the Client i.e. Since how long the client has been associated with you. This age shows the client is an old client and genuine.
  • Easily check the details for the transactions which are Cancelled, Refunded, Failed or Blocked.
  • You will also get the overall risk factor of the client. Whether it’s Normal, Medium or Highest Risk transaction.
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